About Us

The vision for the Good Samaritan Center (GSC) grew out of the congregation of the Kendall Brazilian Church, located in the Kendall neighborhood of South Miami. The church´s Pastor, the Rev. Jose Roberto Nery, M.D., is both a Pastor and a retired transplant surgeon. Confronted by overwhelming needs of his congregation and the surrounding community, Dr Nery felt that he could couldn´t ignore the gifts and training that he had available, and that he needed to integrate his healthcare background into his pastoral concern for his community.

Dr.Nery often made house calls and emergency consultations for his church members, but knew there were many more needs than he could meet on his own. Dr.Nery called together a group of church and community leaders who met together for more than a year to try to identity some property that could be used for a new Community Health Center. Unfortunately, the real estate boom occurring in Miami-Dade property values out of reach for the fledgling non-profit. However, opportunities across that keep’s our doors were open, and on September 4.ep the GSC vision alive.

A philanthropist family who knew of Dr.Nery from his day in surgery offered to donate a fully equipped medical truck for use as a mobile medical clinic to Good Samaritan Community Health. The truck was inaugurated on August 26, and our doors were open on September 4, 2007.